It’s no secret that Marvel have been dominating the silver screen for the last decade. Over the course of 20 odd films there’s been laughs, cries, shock, awe and everything in between. And so it is with much anticipation that Avengers: Endgame arrived in our cinemas, promising an epic conclusion to Infinity Wars before it. And boy did it ever! As well as entertaining the geek in me, it also made me wonder – what could Avengers: Endgame teach me about justice?

p.s. this is spoiler free!

1. In it together

Thanos is easily the baddest, deadliest villain ever seen in a Marvel film. In Infinity War we saw the Avengers try to take him down multiple times and continuously fail. Even with dozens of superheroes at the ready, he still manages to pose the ultimate threat to humanity. And sometimes I can’t but help feel the same way about some of the world’s biggest issues today.

Whether it’s human trafficking, conflict from war, or climate change threatening to change life as we know it, the world’s problems seem too big to tackle on my own. And they are. But just like the Avengers, when we come together we are so much more powerful than we are alone. Together we can see an end to injustice.

2. Justice isn’t always easy

Off the back of Infinity War, it’s no surprise the remaining heroes aren’t doing great mentally. Loved ones have disappeared, plans have failed and entire planets destroyed. It’s a pretty bleak situation. And this leaves the majority of the cast either running away from pain or leaning into it as they struggle to make peace. I wonder how many of us can relate? As we fight to see a better world, the reality we’re faced with can sometimes leave us downtrodden and exhausted. The constant barrage of bad news can make a just world feel like a pipedream.

As we walk alongside each other to see an end to injustice, it’s crucial that we support one another. Whether it’s giving someone space to recharge, allowing them to vent or offering a rousing reminder of the God of justice who works through us, we must be prepared to lift each other up in times of despair.

3. Change often requires sacrifice

Having lost so much already in Infinity War, Endgame sees each hero question just how willing they are to stare evil in the face a second time. The stakes are at an all time high. But with the entire universe depending on them, the Avengers put aside their own desires and fight for justice once again. How willing are we to do the same for the just world we want to see? I’m not saying we need to put our lives on the line, but how often do we clutch onto comfortability instead of embracing change?

If we’re going to change the world, we have to make some changes ourselves. Whether it’s buying ethical fashion, reducing our waste or eating less meat, our lifestyles should match the goal of justice. Our actions aren’t just about patting ourselves on the back, but they are prophetic declarations of the world we want to see. Making ethical lifestyle choices aren’t always convenient, but there are sacrifices we all need to make, if we’re going to see a more just world.