Despite being in and out of the church as a child, I never quite fit in or really understood what was being said half the time. When a pastor would call people forward I’d be the first to go up for that special prayer. But post service nothing changed.  I would go to church, listen to a sermon, clap, feel blessed and then go back to six days without God.

On 30 December 2017 I made a new years resolution to get to know Christ. I prayed God would help me to know Him more, but I had no idea it would be through a digital landscape. Through technology I can honestly say my life and relationship with God has transformed. Technology can sometimes distract us from connecting with God, but it can be a positive thing if used intentionally. So here are my top tips for staying connected to God in the digital age. None of these are alternatives to church, but hopefully you find them useful.

A church away from church

I love online sermons, in particular the ones by Pastor Mike Todd on YouTube. If you’re looking for a sermon that is easy to digest, funny, relatable and immersive then I’d highly recommend checking out his Planted not Buried series. Similarly if your church offers a recorded or live stream, it’s a great way to not miss out if you’re travelling or unable to attend. You can also find Christian podcasts such as the Together Podcast, which explore topics like justice, uni life and much more.

Stay connected

It’s important to have people around you that can give faith-fuelled advice. I’m talking about those you can call to help steer you on the right path, even when it’s inconvenient for them. The ones who won’t tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to. But more importantly, people who will will give you a safe space and allow you to be vulnerable in your walk with Christ and not feel judged. Why not start a WhatsApp group with like-minded friends where you can share your journeys, ask questions, keep each other accountable and find events to go to.

God is a DJ

Music is something that lives within me and once I realised there was more than just the songs I knew from church, everything changed.  I use Spotify to discover new tracks and started curating a playlist of some of my favourite songs. It’s great to hear songs full of lyrics that resonate and help me to stand strong in my faith. Having a playlist on the go helps to re-focus on God, anytime and any place.

Read all about it

If you’re going to grow in faith, it is crucial to have a Bible to hand. There are various Bible app options, but I personally like YouVersion. You can personalise your settings by choosing the Bible version you prefer, receive daily devotionals, read the Bible and access audio and videos too. The app is also full of themed reading plans on topics like love, work, anxiety, health and finance. There’s a plan for everyone, it doesn’t matter the circumstance! And if you share the link you can do the plan with your friends too.