I am a bit of an Instagram addict. Over the last few years, I have loved finding accounts to follow that fill me with inspiration and encouragement particularly when it comes to a sustainable lifestyle. I want to share a few of my favourites with you in the hope they might inspire you on your journey to living differently. I decided to include a real mix of accounts on ethical living, slow living, fashion and zero waste in the hope that there will be something here for everyone.

1. Sustainable Edit

I absolutely love Jen’s account. When I first started buying sustainable fashion I often struggled because the style all seemed very minimal which just wasn’t me at all. Finding another lady who loves a feminine style but who chooses pieces from a sustainable source inspired me so much. Her account encouraged me to keep buying ethical pieces and to style them differently to suit my needs.

2. Kate Arnell

The queen of zero-waste. Her account is a great resource for anyone looking for inspiring and practical ways on how to reduce waste and live more sustainably. I love Kate’s honesty in her journey to becoming zero-waste. Her Instagram stories and posts are full of really helpful tips and tricks we can all incorporate into our daily lives.

3. Cider with Rosie

I have been following Rosie for a while now for her beautiful photos of slow, simple countryside life. A few years ago, she began growing her own veg in the back garden and it has been so interesting to follow her journey as a gardener. In the summer nearly all her meals are from her vegetable patch. Watching her stories have given me so much information and inspiration for growing my own vegetables and becoming a little more self-sufficient.

4. Kaetlyn Ann

This girl is full of amazing tips on how to live more sustainably in all areas of life. She grows her own food, makes her own clothes and has adopted a simpler, slower way of living that is gentle on the earth. She is a never-ending source of inspiration to me and her posts are forever reminding me to keep going in my own mission to make a difference.

5. Wow Sancho

Sancho’s is an ethical and sustainable clothing shop in Exeter and although I’ve never visited the shop in person I find their account a great source of inspiration for my wardrobe and fight for a fairer, more sustainable fashion industry. They regularly post outfits and looks, as well as information about sustainable and ethical fashion.

6. Livia Firth

The creator of Eco-Age, a company that help fashion businesses to become more sustainable, and founder of the Green Carpet Challenge, Livia Firth is a fantastic source of inspiration when it comes to fashion. She is always sharing campaigns and information about sustainable fashion as well as insight into her own life and how she makes changes each day to become more sustainable.

7. People Tree

My favourite sustainable and ethical clothing brand and a huge source of inspiration. They share a lot about sustainable and ethical fashion campaigns as well as great fashion.

8. A Slow Adventure

Maddy’s account is full of all the ways she has tried to create a better world along with her husband as they live a slower, more sustainable lifestyle. Recently I’ve enjoy her posts about sustainable beauty products and I love looking into her everyday life to see how she makes changes where she can.

I hope you found some accounts here to inspire you. It’d be great to hear about anymore accounts that inspire you or to hear about your own account. If you’d like to follow me on Instagram you can find me at Life With The Roof Down.

Image from Rachel’s own Instagram account Life With The Roof Down.