I am continually inspired by individuals taking what they know and turning it into something super exciting in pursuit of a world that looks more like the one God intended. I caught up with my friend Katherine, to find out more about her project, Treated Right. Let me tell you a little about her, and the beautiful scheme she has founded.

Katherine is one of the loveliest, bubbliest, kindest people you could meet. She grew up on the outskirts of North West London, is in her final year reading English at Cambridge and has a real love for people and their stories. She loves creativity – painting, baking, reading, writing – and loves to see people sharing their stories through these means.

Treated Right is a student-run project, raising money and awareness for issues surrounding Human Trafficking. The set-up is simple. Each person bakes for 10 friends, once a week, for 10 weeks during term. In return, the friends give £10, which goes to one of Treated Right’s chosen anti-trafficking charities. They also publish blogs and resources to raise awareness. Ten people are now baking each week in Cambridge, meaning 100 people receive cakes and resources, and £1000 is raised each term!

We chatted about what inspired Katherine to set up Treated Right. “I remember a youth group session I attended as a teenager that looked at human trafficking, and it just felt like this huge, appalling problem I couldn’t begin to face,” she says. “The issue came back under my radar again last summer. I heard Elaine Storkey speaking and her stories really stuck with me. I also watched a documentary called ‘Nefarious’. I could hardly make it through, I kept having to pause it to cry!

“As I thought about how I could respond, I spent some time thinking about Moses. God wanted to use him but Moses wasn’t so sure. God took what he had in his hands; a staff, and made it into something amazing; a snake! I pondered what I had in my hands, and what God might turn those things into.”

When we pick up the courage to combine our passions and our practical skills, we’ve got a starting point to offer to God and ask Him to use. Katherine chose baking as a means to respond to the devastation of slavery, and from that Treated Right has blossomed, raising both money and awareness. “Sparking a passion in someone else that ultimately sees them make real change in the world would be the most wonderful outcome,” Katherine tells me, and the power of this simple idea sunk in. The people receiving cakes each week are now aware of the scale of the trafficking issue in the world today, and maybe they’ll respond, and inspire another 10 people to respond, who in turn will inspire yet another 10 and so on. Small actions can start a huge ripple effect!

Naturally, there have been challenges along the way. The individuals involved have been baking collectively each week, sharing the workload, ideas and recipes. This, however, means baking 100 items at once. I had a good giggle hearing about flour-fog descending on the kitchen and fiery muffins emerging from the oven! They have also had to work out how to be cost efficient in their baking and are making plans to become more flexible in the summer term as exams loom.

What I loved about chatting to Katherine was hearing about how she pressed on. She learnt about issues that are tough to hear and rather than putting it to the back of her mind, she stood up and responded. More than that, she’s taken a step further to share it with others. That’s how change happens, and I’m so excited to see the future of Treated Right.

You can find out more about Treated Right at https://treatedright.org/, where you can also browse their recipes, get in touch, and have a read of their resources.  You can also get in touch with Katherine via email if you might like to bring Treated Right to your university, college or workplace!