We are a generation that believe a better world is possible. Where everyone can thrive and where an end to extreme poverty gets ever closer as we pursue justice. Alone, we can feel overwhelmed but together we are unstoppable.

It’s time to get connected, to a world that is broken yet full of possibility. It’s time to get connected, to the people who grow our food, make our clothes, need our support. It’s time to get connected to a global church living out Jesus’ mission. It’s time to get connected to each other as we gather around a cause that will define our generation.

As we listen to each other; begin to serve and collaborate together, God is at work as change begins in our own hearts and the wider world. We realise our interdependence on each other, how intricately connected we all are, how much we all need each other.

As a generation we unite, determined to tackle climate change, the refugee crisis, inequality and global poverty with passion and perseverance. We refuse to give up or become defeated; guided and inspired by our Creator, filled with the Spirit of God, we look to him to give us strength, wisdom and love as we live this adventure out day by day. Will you join us?

Together We Are. We Are Tearfund.