Young Adult Gatherings: NEW FOR 2019

Immersive days for 18-25 year olds exploring the global issues of our generation, with hands-on workshops, messages from leading voices and practical takeaways that help us take another step towards ending extreme poverty.

In just one day we’ll unpack a topic into bite size pieces, exploring both theology and practice through discussion, creativity and community. The day ends with a meal as we’re joined by special guests for an opportunity to reflect and strategize on how we can make a difference to people living in poverty.

Coming this Autumn – Plastic: Is it too late?

Our world has a rubbish problem, but have we already passed the tipping point?

***Theology: session – the theology of plastic***
***Workshop: Learn to make your own bee’s wax wraps***
***Panel: “Mobilising others to change”***
***Meal: Plastic free dinner with special guests***

All for just £20 per person with the early bird discount, including food.