A few years ago I attended a banner making event ahead of a big climate justice march. It turned out to be the UK’s largest march. Ever. Pretty cool. We were calling on world leaders to take climate change seriously.

Along with banner making, there was free ice cream from a certain frozen aisle favourite. I’ll be honest the free ice cream drew me in. Surrounded by paper, glitter, glue (oh and ice cream) we set to work making banners. The event was really engaging- videos playing, activists sharing around the room, discussion groups, and craft corners. I left the evening so pumped for the campaign. And very, very full of B & J.

Campaigning is working in an organised and active way towards a goal. A goal could be for people to pursue a more ethical lifestyle, or to ask your MP to act on a particular cause,  such as waste. The Bible encourages believers to speak out against issues of injustice. Take Proverbs 31:9 (NLT) ‘Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless, and see that they get justice’. Raising awareness and taking practical steps towards change is biblical.

So, how do we talk about the issues that matter in a creative way?

Here are 5 top tips.

Go to the source 

Look to the Bible for ideas! The Bible is the most creative and innovate source of life. Take it to God in prayer. He will inspire your thinking and break your heart for a cause.

What’s in your hands? 

Use your skill set and unique passions as you raise awareness. Could you create a photo exhibition? What about a social media campaign to share with your mates? We are all creative. You don’t need to be the champion of pictionary or have your own vlog to be an original thinker.

Collaborate and listen

Chat with your mates, uni societies, church leaders. Hearing other people’s ideas can give you a fresh perspective. Get to know the experts. Campaigning is best done in community, so you’ll want to gather a group who can pray, plan and lead practically.

Start with the ‘why’

It’s important people are informed and know the vision for your campaign. Start with why you care. How does your faith compel you to challenge this issue of injustice? This may be communicated 1:1, through social media, or by hosting an information event.

Set goals

Whether you’re starting your own campaign or joining in with a Tearfund campaign make sure you know what you’re working towards. Who do you want to engage? What would the ultimate campaign win be? See our Together Groups for more inspiration.