I don’t know about you, but I LOVE CHRISTMAS. However in my house I’m not allowed to get my Christmas on until the 1st of December, mostly because my husband’s birthday is in November. So when the 1st of December rolls around I burst out of bed with Christmas joy and sparkles… after my morning coffee of course.

But seriously, as Advent begins, the festive season can sometimes feel a little bit excessive, even for me a self-proclaimed Christmas addict. So as we get ready for Christmas and celebrating the birth of Jesus I wanted to share some fun, festive and sustainable ways to spread the festive cheer this year. We can all make our Christmas giving ethical, without turning into a Scrooge.

May I present (Ho Ho Ho) to you my 7 top gifts that keep on giving:

1. Charity shop challenge

Why not set yourself the challenge of only buying gifts from charity shops? Often you can find some real gems in there – I once found a new board game unopened and another time I discovered a gorgeous coffee press (slight coffee addict here!).

2. Re-gifting

Ever received something you didn’t want? Well chances are someone else might love it. Remember that saying “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure”!

3. Get creative

You don’t need to dash through the snow to get gifts; stay at home and get creative. From upcycling old jams jars or baking a little treat, to make mittens out of old jumpers, there are absolutely bundles (of joy) ways to make gifts.

4. Shop local

Why not support your local businesses by buying a handcrafted gift from them? Chances are the gift will be more sustainable because you know who has made it.

5. Eco wrapping

Forget buying wrapping paper, there are snow (ba-boom) many creative and sustainable options for how to wrap up your gifts, from newspapers, old christmas cards, fabric, ribbons, to dressing up old cereal or tissue boxes.

6. Give experiences

Why not get someone an experience instead of an object, then they can remember the merriment (get it?) forever.

7. Give your gifts

Why not give someone one of your talents? Give them a voucher for taking them out to coffee or cleaning their oven or cooking them dinner.

Have a holly jolly Christmas!