For years I’ve been ignoring the best piece of advice the world has ever given, and I’m not going to start listening anytime soon. 

‘Never judge a book by its cover’

Now before you think I’m a monster, I totally agree with the human aspect of the saying – no person should be judged by their appearance. 

But when it actually comes to books… that’s different. I love looking for the most creative or well designed cover. I think 9 times of 10 it gives you a real indication of what to expect – the genre of a novel, the style of writing and whether it’s part of a series. 

That obsession of well designed books recently extended to packaging (partly down to the @bestofpackaging insta account). And now I love spotting beautiful and innovative ways of encasing our everyday commodities. 

I thought I’d share three of my favourites – packaging that’s making a huge difference just by the way it’s made. (I totally understand how much of a geek I sound, who even has a top three favourite packaging items?!)

Ahead of the pack

Most recently, is the new McDonald’s McFlurry box. By getting rid of the lid, they’re cutting 383,000kg of plastic every year. They still have a long way to go, but are starting well, also cutting out plastic from their salad boxes and trialling plastic free cutlery, straws and cups in Canada. 

Next up is a genius package that brings more immediate benefits to people living in poverty. The Dream Ball Product is a cardboard aid package that transforms into a football once it’s been used. It brings an opportunity for fun and community and its soft cardboard is easier on bare feet. I love the example it sets for taking something and transforming its use in such a simple and powerful way.

With the tide turning on plastic, there’s an opportunity to create something new to hold our essentials. So design studio Grow came up with Hinoki – a conceptual idea for replacing plastic travel toiletries. With it’s embossed paper and wooden cap, it completely removes the need for unnecessary plastic. Although it’s just a concept at the moment, I’m hoping as companies phase out their cosmetic plastic bottles they come up with something that’s sustainable and looks this good!