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We caught up with Ella McCorquodale who attended a Together Weekend in 2017 to find out what she thought of it.

Why did you join us at 2017’s Together Weekend?

I heard about it at a student community group I help run, and I knew it was something I’d love to attend. It’s very easy to feel like you are the only young Christian who cares about justice and environmental issues, so I was really excited to be with other young people passionate about living out their faith in a similar way. It was this desire to see how other students are making a difference that inspired me to attend the weekend away.

What was the most useful takeaway from the weekend?

One of the main things I learnt was about the huge variety of issues which people care about and are taking action on. It’s incredible to see the way God sparks different issues in people’s hearts, and that he calls each of us to work for justice in our own context. It has really broadened my horizons on what God’s heart for justice looks like.

How does being part of a community and taking action together help us?

I am a firm believer that God places us in community for a reason. Because he puts different passions on each of our hearts, we can each grow in these areas of making a difference. When we come together we are able to inspire and encourage each other with what God has been doing in us individually, and we all leave more enthused for what he is doing. We are stronger for the support network which is gained from taking action communally.

What have you been up to since last year’s Together Weekend?

This summer I worked as an intern at a consultancy which works to make mining more ethical and environmentally sustainable – particularly in the jewellery and technology sectors. They work with both companies and governments to create more regulations and transparency in these global supply chains. The Together Weekend helped me achieve this by confirming to me that I want to work in the area of supply chains. Meeting likeminded people and hearing the talks at the event reignited my passion for this issue, and encouraged me that I have the knowledge and skills to begin to make a difference.

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