I love Easter. It’s one of my favourite times of the year with all the beautiful flowers, little lambs and of course tonnes of chocolate. As a Christian, this time of year has huge significance and is one of the biggest celebrations within the church. For Christians, it is so much more than a time filled with sweet treats, instead we celebrate the resurrection and look forward to Jesus coming again. It is a time filled with hope and joy.

But as with many of our celebrations, it has become quite a commercialised holiday and it can be easy to be sucked into celebrating a festival of chocolate instead of looking at what’s really important. Because of this, I’ve decided to set myself a challenge to see how much of a difference I can make to the planet and the people living on it this Easter.

Here are a few ideas I’ve come up with…

Go Fairtrade

Fairtrade chocolate is no longer hard to find, it is right there on our supermarket shelves and there is so much to choose from. This Easter I intend to buy all my Easter treats for friends and family from Fairtrade suppliers. Think of the difference we could make if just 50 people bought Fairtrade eggs instead of their usual branded ones.

Source Local

One of my favourite things about Easter is definitely the delicious roast cooked by my Dad. Whatever amazing dinner you like to enjoy on Easter day we could all make a real difference to the environment and the local economy this year by buying all the ingredients from local, organic and sustainable farm shops. If you haven’t got a farm shop near you then why not take the plunge and order a farm box instead.

Change it up

Easter doesn’t have to be all about chocolate. When I was little my Nana would always buy me lots of chocolate on Easter day and so my Mum decided she would buy us all a little present instead. That way, instead of getting sick on dozens of Easter eggs, we could enjoy something that would last longer. Maybe this year instead of buying chocolate you could pick up a little gift for friends and family. I love the idea of one that makes a difference, such as a pair of Fairtrade, organic cotton pajamas!

Buy Less

A big way we can help our planet all year round is to buy less, but especially during the holiday seasons. Like Christmas, Easter has been getting bigger and bigger every year and it’s easy to be caught up in a buying frenzy. This year, why not encourage your family to stick to just one Easter egg each and choose a really delicious, Fairtrade one instead of multiple cheap ones from the supermarket.

These are just a few ways we could all make a difference this Easter. Wishing you all a joy filled Easter weekend and hoping that you enjoy your Fairtrade Easter eggs! Show us how you’re making a difference this Easter over on Instagram at @wearetearfund.