It’s spring! The clocks are about to march forward, daffodils are blooming, and if you’re anything like me you’re getting an urge to throw open all the windows and let in the fresh air.

But as the days get longer and we turn our faces towards the sun to top up our vitamin D deficiencies, the light also exposes something else… dust.

Over the winter, in the dim light of a candle it’s easy to miss those dust balls in the corner, but now that it’s bright, everything is looking kind of drab. It can be tempting to look at your stuff in the cold light of spring, and think it’s time to chuck it all and start again. This is even more irresistible now that shops have decided that homeware is as seasonal as clothes are.

Every week when you pick up your food shop, you can also buy a candlestick or cushion or a small tray with no discernible use. I don’t need to tell you how wasteful this is. Our planet cannot support thousands of people changing their cushions every few months.

And yet it can be hard to resist those impulse buys, especially at this time of year. So cheap! So cute! Such a tiny tray! Here are a few tips to stop you in your tracks next time you feel the urge to stock up.

1. Do a spring clean

Sometimes things that look drab and tired, are actually just dirty (it’s alarming how long it took me to learn that). It’s time to roll up your sleeves and do a proper spring clean. Don’t just hoover the bit of floor you can see, get behind everything. Clean your mirror, wash the windows, dust the shelves, and if you want to get really serious, clean inside your cupboard drawers.

2. Change it up

Never underestimate the power of a good rearrange. If you’re looking round your bedroom and feeling bored, try the simple trick of moving everything around. You could rearrange the furniture if you have the room. If you have art on the walls try swapping it from wall to wall. If you have a pin board then take off the oldest bits or anything that doesn’t inspire you anymore and change it up.

3. Take stock and buy with forethought

You could get to the end of your cleaning and rearranging and realise that actually, you do need something new. Maybe you bought a fluffy unicorn cushion when you were 16 and now you’re a bit older, it doesn’t quite feel like you. That means it’s time to have a proper think.

What is your style? Your style doesn’t match the latest trends, it should represent who you are and how you want your home to feel. Think about it long and hard. Then when you know what you want, do your best to find it somewhere other than a high street shop. Trawl the charity shops, check on etsy for an artisan maker, or raid your grandparents’ house (with their permission obviously).

I hope these tips have helped you resist the allure of changing your home furnishings as often as your toothbrush. Enjoy your new sparkly room!