Whether you’re a cosplaying fanatic or a comic book novice, we’ve all secretly wished for superpowers. I’ve always thought telekinesis would be a great one – Matilda’s ability to throw carrots with her mind sold me of course. Although I haven’t managed to uncover any secret powers (yet), I still see a world in need of some heroes. Luckily, I don’t think we require people who can fly or shoot lasers from their eyes. Instead, the world needs everyday heroes who will take a stand against injustice and poverty. And here’s four ways you can be one:

1) Discover your gifts and talents

While it’s tempting to go hunting for a radioactive spider to bite you, we don’t need to look far to find special powers. Within each of us, God has placed a unique set of gifts and abilities that we can use for good. Whether you’re creative, have great organisation, are a people person, or a confident public speaker, every gift is valuable! We so often get caught comparing ourselves to others that we underplay what God has given us.

If you’re not sure what skills you bring to the table, what better way to find out than going to the source? Ask God to reveal the gifts inside you and for opportunities to develop them. Sometimes the best way to discover is to throw yourself in new situations and see what happens! You’d be surprised at what skills may be lying dormant in you.

If you’re still not sure what you can do to change the world, take this quiz and discover how your persona could make a difference to poverty.

2) Assemble

As I learnt from Avengers, some problems are simply just bigger than you. While you may be convinced you can single-handedly bring about world peace… chances are you can’t. As I said earlier, there’s such a variety of gifts and talents spread across God’s children. It makes sense then to join up with others with the same mission. When we come together, we compliment each other’s skills and become more effective. Individual action is great, but if we’re going to change the world we’ll need each other by our side.

3) Face off with darkness

With all this world-changing potential it would be silly to just keep it to ourselves, right? But how many of us do that? It’s easy to let our faith simply become an exercise for Sunday morning and mid-week house group. But we are called to much more than that! Being an everyday hero means refusing to turn a blind eye to injustice near and far. We need to be tuned in to what’s happening in the world and ready to face, not only injustice itself, but also our role in it. It’s a well-worn cliche at this point, but Uncle Ben was spot on when he said, ‘with great power, comes great responsibility.’

4) Remember you’re not the main character

Finally and most importantly, we must remember that we are not here to save the day. Jesus is the saviour and redeemer of all creation. And when we go about discovering our gifts, assembling together and facing off with darkness, it is as his hands and feet. Our job is not to single-handedly save people living in poverty. It is to demonstrate the love of Christ in its fullness. Once we allow that love to permeate our attitudes and actions, we become the everyday heroes that God is able to change the world through. So what are you waiting for? Make the decision to join the real Justice League today!