We are living in the unstoppable force of the technological revolution. We are the first generation to have been taught how to use computers in schools and the last to have known life before the smartphone. This gives us a huge responsibility to influence the story of technology. While technology can sometimes do more harm than good, we can choose to change the narrative.

On a day celebrating the role of science and technology in peace and development, what better time to look at how we can work towards justice through tech! Here are 4 apps you can use as a force for positive change.

1. Report it:


Modern Slavery in the UK often plays out in the form of forced labour in places like nail bars, car washes and restaurants. This fantastic app allows you to provide information about car washes to law enforcement agencies. You get your car washed as normal and answer a few simple questions on the app. The data is then collated and used to inform forced-labour investigations.

2. Transform it:


How many aspects of our lives are now internet dependent?! It’s up to us to turn this into positive a trend. Ecosia is an internet search engine that uses the revenue from sponsored search terms to fund tree planting. Tab for a Cause is another great option, which sends money to a cause of your choice every time you open a new browser page. If you’re a big online shopper why not try easyfundraising, which raises funds for charities when you shop from a range of online stores.

3. Share it:


Food waste is a growing problem. Our world has finite resources and we need to conserve the energy, money, time, land and water that goes into producing food. That’s not even mentioning the fuel used to get it from the field to your plate. OLIO connects you to others to make sure no food goes to waste. Through the app you advertise food that you have to give away and locate food that others have to spare. You can also become a food waste hero, arranging to collect leftover produce from local shops and distribute it through the app.

4. Track it:


Keeping track of your carbon emissions is a fantastic start to decreasing your personal impact on the environment. GiveO2 is an app that uses your phone GPS to work out the carbon footprint of your commute each day, and then encourages you to lower it with helpful targets and rewards. You can also offset your carbon footprint through the app, via a sustainable project of your choosing.

So what’s stopping you? Harness the power of technology and channel it into the changes you want to see in the world.