If you’re anything like me, the final Game of Thrones season is at the top of your watchlist. The season is set to be a winner with fans as their favourite characters take their final stands, against each other and the Night King himself. If you’re not a fan of Game of Thrones it can be summed up in a line from the first season: ‘When you play the Game of Thrones, you either win, or you die.’ And that’s very true of the book-come-TV Show, as different houses and groups of people fight to sit on the iron throne. And true to the quotation, many die within the process.

A world divided

However before the hit TV shows lands on our screens, something else has been dominating our discussions and news channels. And it is no fantasyland. Of course, I am talking about Brexit. It is easy to look at Britain now and see a nation divided as the land of Westeros itself. Whether you want a second referendum, no deal, soft-Brexit, a hard-Brexit or no Brexit at all, there are tribes and battle lines drawn and power plays being made about the future of our country.

It’s easy to get drawn into the vitriol and join in the perpetual mudslinging. But if we do, then we are just telling the same story that many people already are. As Christians we are called to be distinctive. That doesn’t necessarily denote what views we hold, but it certainly denotes how we go about engaging with others around those views. We have our tribes, but being a Christian means that we don’t belong to them.

Our call is to kingdom above tribe.

The values of the kingdom mean that we see others, regardless of different views, as image bearers of God. Therefore how we share our views should bare that in mind.

Flip the script

But I don’t think that we should stop there. If we truly believe that we’re called to be part of the restoration of all things, then that includes the political sphere as well. People are crying out for a different kind of story and a different kind of narrative. As Christians who are true to our character of the kingdom, we can do just that. We can get involved in the game to change how it is played.

‘When you play the game of thrones, you either win or you die.’ Maybe as Christians who want to get on to the pitch, those aren’t our only options. Maybe, winning doesn’t look like what we think it does. Who knows the outcome of Brexit. Who knows who will sit on the Iron Throne. But what’s clear is that we have a King who sits on an eternal throne, meaning we should play the game differently.