I love social media. Having ideas and inspiration shared across the world at the click of a button is incredible. It creates small windows into lives of people we’d never meet otherwise. I also work as a digital content producer, so I use it for my job! But there’s something about it that hasn’t been sitting right with me lately. So I decided to stop using it. Just like that.

So why quit?

Instagram was a particular vice of mine. It felt like such a big part of my life, I actually wondered if I could live without it. It sounds silly, but honestly it was a problem! I was beginning to communicate more online than I did in person. It wasn’t just me either. It got to the point where my friends would forget to tell me stuff, because they assumed I’d see it online.

Not only does social media get in the way of real-life connections, but it also pressures us to live at a crazy pace. We’re expected to run a business one minute, travel the world the next, go out with friends and then post it all online to prove it happened. Trying to keep up is exhausting!

I used to regularly find myself either too busy and wishing for a break or too bored and longing for more to do. I was never really satisfied. It could just be the age-old mentality of ‘the grass is always greener,’ but I think it was particularly heightened by what I was seeing online. It left me never feeling appreciative of the moment I was in.

Notification from God

The noise from social media was getting so loud, I had to pause and ask myself: where was the space for God’s voice? I believe that God has some amazing plans for our lives. Not just big epic moments, but also in the everyday small moments too. I don’t believe there’s a one-pace-fits-all plan for that. So I decided it was time for me to tune out of social media and re-tune into God’s voice. I needed to re-learn how to take life at the pace He set out for me.

I’m not saying I’ll never use Instagram again, but I know that right now I need to take time to step away from unhelpful ideas about what a ‘good life’ looks like. A faith-filled life isn’t promised to be picture-perfect or super convenient. All of our journeys are different. Trying to keep up with everyone else, could lead to missing out on God’s individual plan for us today.

Why don’t you try take a break from social media and see the difference? You could even challenge your friends to see who can last the longest!