What world do you see? If you ask me, I’d probably say the world doesn’t look too bright. With climate change worse than ever and divisive far-right rhetoric on the rise, the current state of affairs doesn’t sit right with me. Yet I also see pockets of hope – groups of people that don’t like our current trajectory and are willing to do something to turn the tide. I think of countless viral videos of individuals that stand up against prejudice. For example the Swedish student who refused to sit down on a plane and stopped the deportation of an Afghan man earlier this year.

How does God see the world?

In the Bible we are constantly struck by the senses. Countless times Jesus sees people, hears people, speaks to people. We’re reminded that God doesn’t just see the outer appearance, but also our hopes, dreams, fears and anxieties. God sees deeper than the surface. In Numbers 13 we read a story about 12 people sent to scout some land promised to them by God. 10 come back and give a very bleak picture of the land saying they won’t be able to take it. However two men, Joshua and Caleb, come back with a good report – they chose to see a different kind of land. In their report back they acknowledge God’s power to do all things and in light of that see an opportunity.

So I ask again, what world do you see? As Christians we believe that when the Kingdom of God comes in fullness, wrongs will be made right, people will be fully reconciled and all things will be restored and renewed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a realist myself. Idealistic optimism can lead us to leave things to sort out themselves. But being a pure realist is even more dangerous because all we see is the world as it is. As Christians with knowledge of the Kingdom of God and His unlimited power, how can we do anything but dare to dream of a better world. And it’s not just idle dreaming – belief in a better world makes way for radical transformation.

Believing is seeing

Believing in a better world is just the first step. To be people of integrity, our words and actions have to align. Does our belief in a better world cause us to act? Do we believe it that strongly? If so, we will choose to live in a way that matters. We’re taking on issues bigger than ourselves and that is why a space for togetherness and collective action is so important. Together our actions speak truth to power and change things. So let’s see our actions as prophetic. When we choose to live in a different way, we are prophetically declaring a world we choose to see. Our small everyday actions matter because they show that we believe what we dream to see.  So let’s work together to declare that a better world is possible.