Did you know we belong to a generation who have the potential to put an end to extreme poverty? It can be done in our lifetime. One day we may look back on what we achieved together and celebrate with our global neighbours.

In the 50 years of Tearfund we’ve seen millions of lives restored. Motivated by the relentless love of Jesus, we continue to follow him where the need is greatest.

Today we are closer than we’ve ever been, thanks to those who have gone before us.

And now we pick up the baton.

Together we are a generation making a stand, starting a tidal wave that crashes against the crumbling walls of poverty. We are the restless ones, relentlessly pursuing a world where everyone is our ‘neighbour’, where no one is left behind.

Will you help us put a stop to poverty? In 2018 we’re dreaming big dreams.

  • Pray: Be part of one million prayers raised to overcome extreme poverty
  • Act: Get involved in 50,000 actions taken to overcome extreme poverty
  • Give: Help release five million lives from material and spiritual poverty

Join us today. The end is in sight. That’s why we won’t rest. That’s why we won’t stop until poverty stops.